Here are a few of our past projects, showcasing our work! 


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Past Projects Already Sold!

1987 Ford F-150 Stepside

1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse

Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse, very low miles only 63k.  4.1L V-8,  FWD, 4 Speed Automatic Transmission,  Loaded with everything but the corpse. Electric windows, locks, seats, mirrors, AC, AM/FM , Cruise Control, tilt wheel.

1984 Jeep CJ-7

Beautiful 90% restored Jeep CJ7, 4X4.  New Paint, New interior, New tires and wheels. 4.2L 6 Cylinder, 5 Speed Transmission, Hard Top, Power Steering Runs and Drives Great!

1972 Ford Bronco

1971 Chevy C10

1970 C/20 Chevrolet Pickup/Bobbed Deuce

I originally thought this would be a simple build.  Boy was I wrong.  We took a military M35A Deuce & a half and bobbed it.  We took 4 Goodyear 1400 R 20 AT-2A Tires (a 49” tire) mounted on MRAP Rims. This helps the massive Rockwell 6.72 ratio axles achieve better road speed. We removed the existing engine and replaced with a rebuilt Chevy Big Block, added Headman Headers, Merlin Intake, Edelbrock carb, MSD Ignition and Distributor, Electric fuel pump, New radiator, belts hoses etc… We married this to a Chevy 2 ton truck 5 Speed Manual Transmission. And had a short driveline built to go into the 2-speed transfer case of the M35A. We wanted power steering, (not just power assisted steering), we also wanted power brakes.  So we removed the air compressor found on these M35A’s and replaced with a 2 Ton truck hydraulic pump unit.  This runs the Navistar 1681130C94 Power Steering Gear and the 2 Ton hydraulic assisted power brakes.  This allows power brakes without vacuum from the engine or an external air compressor. We wanted this to have an old school Chevy look so we when we bobbed the duce we gave it a 128” wheel base to accommodate a 1970 Chevrolet C20 Long Box Standard Cab Pickup. We found a very clean and straight C20 pickup and mounted the body to the M35A Frame.  Surprisingly the frame rails were the same distance apart so it just required body spacer to get the height right.  Though the body was clean and fairly rust free it had its 1970 C10/20 issues, Cab Corners and Rocker Panels.  These were replaced and any rust was removed. The truck body was then painted it factory Medium Blue and White and the inside bed was bed lined. The interior we also reupholstered we cutout and repaired any rust on the floor pans, bed lined them and installed new insulation and floor matting.  The pictures may show a cracked window shield, this has also been replaced with new seals.


Top speed on this beast is about 55 MPH, but it will pull out any tree, climb any mountain or go threw any mud hole.  It’s a real beast.  That Big Block Chevy has all kinds of torque and instant power plus has about 3 times the horsepower of the stock deuce engines. This truck has a very nice paint job and is a real head turner. If you plan on purchasing it and taking it a long distance I would trailer it.  It has a military chassis not meant for long road trips.  Also keep in mind that because it is built from a deuce it weight about 13,000 lbs.  Each of it 49” wheels and tires weigh over 500lb each.  Like I said, a real beast.  

1967 Chevy El Camino

1966 Ford Mustang

1963 Nova SS

1958 GMC Stake Bed