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Classic & Unique Cars in Nebraska Panhandle


Bullet-train fast and luxury-car smooth, 1400cc of pure insanity!  Ride what the troopers use to chase down those speeders! Kawasaki's sophisticated K-ACT linked anti-lock braking system as well as KRTC, the company's first-ever true traction-control system. KRTC employs cuts in intake airflow, ignition timing and fuel delivery to prevent wheelspin, while K-ACT allows the rider to choose either of two modes of linked braking performance. The front-to-rear linked effect is the same in both modes when squeezing the front-brake lever; but when you apply the rear brake, Standard Mode delivers full rear braking along with a barely detectable amount of front brake; in High Combined Mode, rear-brake activation is supplemented with significant front-brake application. Heated hand warmers, wind screen, saddle bags, blue tooth starting system.  Government Owned and Fleet Maintained   Move it Fast No Haggle Price $2995.

 2005 Vantage VanGo PMXi

Great Little Mini Truck, Great Little Local Delivery Van. 1L I-4, Water Cooled, 4-Stroke, Overhead Cam EFI Engine. Max Speed 100km or 68MPH.  But currently Speed Governor Set at 25MPH. Manual Transmission, Have Repair Manuals and Parts Manuals.  Great Gas Mileage! Previously Government Owned. Move it Fast No Haggle Price $1995.